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Who is 'E.I.E Productions'?

E.I.E Productions is a multi-award winning animation & production studio from Cape Town, South Africa.

We aim to create top quality parody and original content.

Entertaining content is our forte.



 We launched a

‘Child’s Play x Toy Story’

Merch Collection:

After the success of our animated horror parodies and more specifically the success of our 'Toy Story vs Child's Play' parody, we decided to commemorate it with a custom horror parody merch line.

Teaming up with Australian based artist & designer Scotty Bates, we set out to create a humorous yet gory parody illustration that perfectly summarizes our animated horror content.

The 'Toy Story vs Child's Play' line is just the first of many that we plan on releasing as part of our 'E.I.E ANIMATIONS Horror Parody Collection'.


The E.I.E ANIMATIONS YouTube channel

hit 200,000 subscribers!

The official E.I.E ANIMATIONS YouTube channel recently surpassed  200,000 subscribers and over 50,000,000 views.

Our commissioned content has also garnered over 250 Million Views!


We launched a new


Spanish Channel:

Early 2021, we launched a Spanish YouTube channel titled 'E.I.E ANIMACIONES EN ESPANOL'. Within the first 12 months, the channel has already surpassed 17,000 subscribers and over 2.1 Million Views!


On the 'E.I.E ANIMACIONES EN ESPANOL' channel you can watch all your favorite E.I.E Animations, but now they're dubbed into Spanish.






Our first Original Pilot, 'Hell on Earth' is OUT NOW!

Written by E.I.E voice actor Jason Anderson, 'Hell on Earth' is an original pilot episode produced by E.I.E Productions.

This animated short tells the story of Bune, the son of Satan and heir to Hell's throne. Along with his demon cat best friend called Botis, they embark on a set of earthly adventures in an attempt to prove to Bune's dad that he's evil enough to rule Hell. Once Botis and Bune get to earth, things get rather exciting, and dangerous.

Animated & Directed by: Dewald de la Rey

Editing & Sound Design by: Dylan Souter

E.I.E Animated Horror Adventures: OUT NOW!​

The E.I.E Animated Horror Adventures is a 2D animated horror, comedy web-series produced by E.I.E Productions.

This animated parody series follows an array of popular horror characters as they find themselves in awkward, often stupid and dangerous situations.

Watch as all your favorite horror characters deal with the struggles of new friendships, self reflection and cheesy jokes.

Series Reach: 25+ Million Views

Victory Royale! - Season 1: OUT NOW!

Victory Royale! is a 2D animated comedy web-series produced by E.I.E Productions.

The series follows it's main protagonist Jeremy (voiced by Jason Anderson) as he plays the popular online video game Fortnite Battle Royale.

Watch Jeremy make friends, lose some along the way and ultimately face his nemesis in an attempt to achieve his very first Victory Royale.

Series Reach: 10+ Million Views


SoundsLikeHarmony - Autumn (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

* 'Best of SA' at the Cape Town International Animation Festival

* 'Best International Animated Film" at the Lovett International Film Festival

* 'Official Selection' Fanboy Film Festival

Dear Mom (narrated short film)

* 'Official Selection' Indie Karoo Film Festival

* 'Official Selection' Fanboy Film Festival

* 'Official Selection' Zebra Poetry Film Festival Munster/ Berlin


* 'Official Selection' Fanboy Film Festival

Full Moon Wolves - Call Me Crazy (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

* 'Official Selection' Fanboy Film Festival


* 'Official Selection' Scout Film Festival

* 'Best Production' Cape Town International Animation Festival

* 'Official Selection' Edmonton International Film Festival

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